SharkFest'21 Virtual US

SharkFest'21 Virtual US Call for Papers

We look forward to welcoming you to SharkFest'21 Virtual US as a speaker. Please complete the form below to indicate your interest and proposed presentation subject matter.

Submission Guidelines

*Presentations and workshops accepted for this conference are Wireshark-centric, of an educational nature, and include content that is Wireshark-specific. * Speakers are encouraged to submit sessions matching their expertise. * Presentations may be in lecture-only format, lab-based format, or any format that meets your presentation preferences and fits within the allotted presentation time frame.
* Lecture-based presentations are expected to be 60 minutes long, followed by a 15 minute Q&A, typically.
* Please note that duplicate subject-matter sessions are weeded out. Should we receive multiple submissions with the same topic, we will contact the duplicate submitter(s) and ask for a revised or alternate topic.